What is a Point to Point?

A Point-to-Point is a form of amateur horse racing over fences, organised by members and supporters of the local hunt. It's a great day out in the countryside where people come together to enjoy the sport and to socialise with family and friends.

As well as being organised for the benefit of the local community, the Point-to-Point provides a great opportunity for the hunt to say thank you to the farmers and landowners whose land they cross throughout the year. It's the hunts way of 'putting a little bit back'.

Whilst all courses have a bar, catering and toilets, Point-to-Points are also a great opportunity to enjoy an alfresco picnic with friends. Many courses, like Knightwick Races have Trade Stands running alongside the day. Additional entertainment for children is often provided in the shape of bouncy castles and fairground rides.

You can place a bet at the Point-to-Point with a Bookmaker. They are located near the paddock (where the horses parade before each race). If you're unsure how to place a bet - just ask, and someone will help you out.

Is there a dress code?!

There's no dress code – so wear what you will! Just remember to dress for the outdoors and wear suitable footwear.

Can I bring my dog?!

Yes! Point-to-Points provide an ideal opportunity to spend a day in the countryside with your dog. Although please remember that dogs must always be kept on a lead, don't leave them in cars unattended, and please clean up after them.

Please bring cash!

Not many courses have facilities for card payments, so be sure to take enough cash to cover the cost of admission and a racecard, any bets you wish to place, and food and drink.

And finally...enjoy!!