Knightwick Races – on the A44 Bromyard to Worcester Road​

Postcode (Satnav) – WR6 5PJ

Course length – 1mile 1⁄2 furlong
Fences per circuit- 6
Total number of fences – 18 (3 mile)
Irrigation facilities – yes
Course direction – left handed

Knightwick is a flat almost kidney shaped course adjacent to the River Teme providing good ground with running rails on both the sweeping bends at either end of the course which can be moved inwards or outwards to facilitate better ground and fences can also be moved across the breadth of the course. The start is situated at the beginning of the back straight with the runners having a short run before fence one followed by a second plain fence and then the open ditch, after the bend there are a further 3 plain fences followed by a short run to the finish. The paddock is within close proximity to the finish as well as the stalls bar and food areas . All fences are mobile fences allowing them to be moved at a later date if necessary and are approximately 4’6” high.

Access to the course will be through two of the three gates with Worcester traffic coming in from the East gate and Hereford / Bromyard traffic entering via the layby to the West. Car parking is in the center of the course with all Marquees stalls and paddock outer road side.